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How to vote

Use your vote on 5 May

The Orkney Islands Council Local Elections are coming up on Thursday 5 May 2022. If you are aged 16 or over and have registered to vote, it is important to do so. It is important because we want our Councillors to listen to young people across our islands to take on board the issues affecting us as young people and to take into account what they have outlined within their manifesto. If we do not vote for people who’ve promised to tackle issues important to us as young people, and if we don’t then also work to hold those elected to account, we will not provide a better future and see the changes made which are required to achieve an Orkney more attuned to young people.

There’s so much to get involved with as a young person in Orkney and opportunities for you to have your voice heard with organisations working for the community, including the Council. Personally I got involved through the Orkney Youth Forum. The Forum works to give young people a platform to share their voice together. It’s supported by the Council’s Community Learning and Development team, and Orkney’s two MSYPs. We’re always looking for more young people aged 11-25 to work together with and local youth organisations on issues concerning young people in Orkney. From mental health services, to transport, the environment, to building even more education and employment opportunities in the county.

So use your vote on 5 May. Research the candidates and what they stand for – you can find out more in recent issues of the Orcadian newspaper at the library, and listen into or listen again to hustings on BBC Radio Orkney – check out their Soundcloud site.