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Children’s Reporter

Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA)

Focused on children and young people most at risk, SCRA’s role and purpose is to:

  • Make effective decisions about a need to refer a child/young person to a Children’s Hearing
  • Prepare for and participate in court proceedings where statement of grounds or Hearings findings are appealed and ensure the wellbeing of children and young people – particularly vulnerable witnesses – are protected throughout the court process
  • Support Panel Members (though we are not involved in making Hearing decisions) and ensure fair process in Hearings
  • Enable children, young people and families to participate in Hearings
  • Disseminate information and data to influence, inform and reassure
  • Provide premises for Hearings to take place; and to
  • Work collaboratively with partners to support and facilitate the Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) agenda.

The role of the Reporter is to:

  • Receive referrals for children and young people who are believed to require compulsory measures of supervision.
  • The Reporter then decides whether the child or young person should be referred to a Children’s Hearing.
  • Draft a statement of grounds and decide whether the child or young person needs to be referred to a Hearing.
  • Provide administration to Children’s Hearings and keep a record of proceedings at Hearings.
  • Maintain the independence of Hearings and support fair process.
  • Conduct Children’s Hearings court proceedings.

How can I contact the Reporter?

If you believe a child or young person is at risk (either because of their behaviour or the behaviour of the adults/carers looking after them), you should contact the local Reporter.

More information on the role of the Reporter