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Stay Safe Online

How to stay safe online

The Internet can be a great tool to find out information, help you with your homework or connect with others but it’s worth remembering these simple tips so that you stay safe as well.

  • Avoid give out your personal details such as address, phone number or date or birth
  • Some people are not what they say they are or who they seem to be, so be cautious about who you connect with
  • Keep your device up-to-date and secure so that your information can’t be accessed by others
  • Be wary of emails from those you don’t know or who appear to be from an official organisation as they could be trying to trick you into giving them information or passwords

Remember to always be kind to others and that you can always block, avoid or ignore those that upset you.

If you feel upset, bullied or wary of anything that happens online, make sure you tell someone you trust or contact a professional.

There is lots of information available about staying safe online and you can find out more from the following links:-

Don’t forget, if you need help urgently go to the ‘I need help now‘ page or if it is an emergency just call 999.